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Our First Anniversary
Celebration Has Arrived !

We are excited to be able to celebrate this special occasion with you!
Without you, our valued members, we would not be where we are today. Your support and trust have served as an important motivator during this past year and will support us as we achieve even greater things together in the coming year!

On Our agenda

CFX Presentation for your guests

Special Message from CFX Founders

Review for this past year

New Developments

Training from Presidents & Ambassadors

Recognition ceremony



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Main Speakers

Huascar Lopez

CFX Co-Founder - CEO

Edwin Abad

CFX Co-Founder -
VP Trading

John Kinnear

CFX Marketing Director

Ron Pope

TCP Co-Founder - CEO

Martin Orena

CFX President’s Club

Luigi Bruni

CFX Ambassador

Justin Halladay

CFX Ambassador

Churchil Gonzalez

CFX Manager

Ariel Balanguger

CFX Executive

Welcome to the

We would like you, your team members and your guests to be part of this 1-year CFX celebration. Join the live broadcast, let’s celebrate our successes of this past year and listen to the CFX Founders as they prepare to launch the next phase of growth and opportunity!

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